Lance Goforth is a US Army Green Beret formerly of 3rd Special Forces and Served in the 75th Ranger Regiment C company 1st Battalion prior to his Special Forces career.  As a Green Beret and classified contractor, Lance has over 20 years of experience organizing, training, advising and supervising indigenous and allied personnel in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, Republic of Georgia, Azerbaijan, and South Korea.

Lance also was an Instructor at Blackwater USA (currently called Academi) executing training indoctrination for independent contractor candidates applying for static site and mobile site mission.  Responsible for five-day operator courses for Special Operations Units as part of their permission train up, as well as law enforcement and foreign nationals.  Weapon systems include M-4 carbine, Glock 17, Sig 226, Shotgun, M-240, M249, Mark 19, M79, AK-47, AK-74 and various other weapons systems. Lance also assisted in instructing CQB (Close Quarters Battle), fire and movements, vehicle bail outs, and ambush reaction.  Lance also provided medical coverage for all training iterations and range events.

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